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VW Parts & Tech Help for Aircooled Volkswagen Folks!

*********************** EMAIL SUPPORT is FASTEST
CUST CARE: custservice@aircooled.net

VW QUESTIONS: vwtech@aircooled.net

RETURN REQUESTS: returns@aircooled.net
(all returns must be pre-authorized)

We rely heavily on email as the most efficient and accurate way to serve our customers. Please only contact us by PHONE if you are unable to email for some reason, or if your situation (or tech question) is complicated.


We do NOT offer "formal" phone hours, but instead RETURN ALL MESSAGES at a time when we are able to focus on your situation/questions and aren't preoccupied with the flurry of shipments that we are shipping to waiting customers in the busy part of our day. We return calls DURING THE DAY at various times throughout the week as time allows, so please BE PREPARED TO WAIT AT LEAST A FEW DAYS for us to call you back. If you are phoning for status of a backorder or order in process, you may receive your reply by EMAIL.

Aircooled.Net Inc.
379 West 6500 South
Murray, Utah 84107 USA

(all returns must be pre-authorized)

We serve the VW parts and VW Tech needs of owners of aircooled VW Beetle, Volkswagen Bus, Karmann Ghia, Type 181 Thing, VW Type 3 Squareback / Fastback / Squareback, and Type 4 VW. Tech Tips, project advice, and quality parts for VW Restoration, VW Performance and Custom Aircooled VW projects.

Shipping Info

http://vwparts.aircooled.net/articles.asp?ID=244 Shipping Policies

http://vwparts.aircooled.net/help_answer.asp?ID=11 Shipping Costs and Problems

Aircooled.Net ships customer orders via the following carriers:

  • United Parcel Service (UPS)
  • United States Postal Service (USPS)
  • Greyhound Freight
  • Motor Freight (freight by truck – carrier may vary)

For a detailed overview of the features of the shipping methods that we co-offer through the above carriers, click here.

Each time you place an order via our checkout system, we give you the opportunity to select your shipping method according to your preference, OR you can select for us to make a value-based shipping method selection on your behalf. After all, we do ship autoparts of all shapes, sizes and weights all day, everyday, so we have a pretty good handle on which shipping methods offer the best bang for the buck and are most appropriate for your requested items and delivery destination.


It is Aircooled.Net’s policy to pass along to customers shipping charges that approximate the ACTUAL costs associated with shipping, insurance, packaging materials and handling for their specific packages.
Rather than impose an unfair system of shipping charges based on dollar value of order as do most online and mailorder parts suppliers, we have opted to calculate and shipping costs according to actual package weights and dimensions at the time of shipment. This means that you will NOT know how much you will be charged for shipping until you receive your invoice. We realize and appreciate that this means our customers are TRUSTING us to be fair and honest. We will NOT betray this trust.

Understandably, some customers are wary to submit an order without a final total that includes shipping because they have been overcharged for shipping by internet or mail-order companies in the past. You have our word that Aircooled.Net DOES NOT engage in the unscrupulous practice of overcharging for shipping (or “ship gouging” as it is sometimes called). We have ALWAYS and will continue to provide proof and explanation of cost to any customer who ever questions their shipping charges. We encourage our customers to verify that the shipping amount charged for their package was calculated according to our stated shipping charge procedures by utilizing the publically available online ship cost calculators provided by the carriers we work with. (Simply weigh and measure your package when it arrives, then plug the details into the carrier’s ship cost calculator – don’t forget to input the value of the package for the additional cost of insurance!) And if you have any questions regarding the amount you are charged for shipping/handling, send us an email and we will explain ourselves to you – if we have made a mistake on the shipping amount (which has only happened a few times in 11 years), you will get a prompt refund from us.


We realize that it is disappointing for our customers (and for us too!) when certain items go onto our backorder and/or temporarily unavailable list, but the nature of the aircooled vw aftermarket and OEM parts business is that these items sometimes do suddenly become available again even after supply has been limited. For this reason, we cannot and do not offer any guarantee of in-stock status or ship-by date at the time that you order, and the customer is responsible for the cost of shipping of any backorder shipments. As always, we will only charge the ACTUAL costs associated with shipping, insurance, packaging materials and handling (or in case of underweight shipments we charge our posted minimum shipping charge). If your order is split into MORE than 3 backorder shipments, we will often absorb the cost of any subsequent backorder shipments after the first 2 or 3, unless the nature of the item would have necessitated separate packaging due to large size or weight even if it had been available sooner.


Sorry, but with the exception of orders being paid by Check, Money Order or Bank Wire Transfer, we do NOT provide shipping quotes.
Our refusal to provide provide shipping estimates is based on a lot of experience, and the reason is as follows: In order for our warehouse to give a “shipping quote” that can be relied upon, the order has to be pulled, packaged and weighed. We are still a relatively small company and since manpower is limited, this ship quote procedure takes valuable time away from the expediting of already submitted orders, causing delays for the committed and eager customers who have placed their trust in us. In the past, it has overwhelmingly been our unfortunate experience that after we go to the lengths necessary to provide an accurate shipping quote for people who are only contemplating about ordering, 9 out of 10 times, the order does not occur. The “tire-kickers” of the world have spoiled it for those of you who truly intend to proceed with an order. But the bottom line is – shipping costs what it costs based on the weight, size and value of your requested items! We do not engage in the practice of “shipping inflation”. If you want the products, then the shipping is just a necessary evil to get them to you. Since you already have our promise not to overcharge you on shipping, you can obtain a reasonably close estimate by visiting your carrier of choice’s website and using their online ship cost estimator software. You may need our “Ship From” Zip/Postal Code, which is 84107. And you can get a comparative based cost by estimating the weight of your requested items. The carrier shipping cost calculators linked below are excellent tools, and we recommend that you use them if you are concerned or wondering what kind of shipping rates (ie. oversize, insurance cost, speed of delivery) will apply to your order.


Aircooled.Net adheres to stringent packaging standards, and sends all packages fully insured in order to protect your shipment. After 11 years in this business, we can boast an extraordinarily LOW incidence of damaged package claims. Package loss-in-transit, on the other hand, is entirely a function of the shipping carrier’s delivery system and completely out of Aircooled.Net’s control. Most of the time packages arrive in a timely manner, but in the event a package loss insurance claim is delayed or denied, Aircooled.Net will not be held liable.

In the case of lost and damaged shipments, carrier reimbursement application procedures ALWAYS require customer cooperation, and patience. Some claims (mainly with the US Postal Service) have been known to take 4-6 months to trace and complete. UPS is MUCH faster (and has less red tape) at processing lost package claims than the US Postal Service. So if speed of both delivery and claim processing is a priority for you, it may be worth paying the extra cost up front.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS [please also see our detailed International Policy Information Page]

Shipping to international destinations is complicated, which is why many US companies do not ship internationally at all! We value our international customers and are committed to working with them to enable their orders. However, BE ADVISED: International package processing at our warehouse can take anywhere from 1 – 4 weeks BEFORE IT SHIPS due to a variety of potential delays (below):
  • Credit Card Verification – There is a high incidence of fraudulent orders submitted by International customers, so it is our standard policy to verify EVERY credit card before processing an order. With language and time differences, it is often several days, and sometimes up to a week before we successfully contact a foreign credit card issuing bank and are able to verify the name and billing address information for a card.
  • Credit Card Declined – Perhaps it is because your credit card company flags us as an “out of country” charge, but we seem to have a much higher incidence of declined credit cards with International Orders, and of course, time is taken up between notifying you, and you contacting your bank to resolve the issue, then you getting back to us…etc.
  • Package size & weight restrictions – International orders sometimes have to be repackaged and/or split into numerous packages in order to meet often strict and limiting packaging requirements. Sometimes we even have to disassemble or cut certain products in order that they can be shipped to a foreign country in pieces!
  • Package insurance limits – certain countries have inadequate, or no reciprocal insurance agreements with the US Postal Service, and so we cannot send parcels via USPS with insurance. If you select USPS as your shipping method, and they do not offer insurance to your country, this will delay your shipment while we recalculate shipping cost via UPS or FedEX, and then contact you for your approval of the change.
  • Customs Paperwork – in many cases has to be filled out by hand, multiple copies; and the paperwork requirements can differ from country to country.
Tracking information for United Parcel Service shipments is automatically emailed to customers from UPS on the date your package ships. The US Postal Service only offers tracking on EXPRESS Mail shipments. Package tracking is not available on US Postal Service Priority Mail shipping method and they only estimate 2-3 day delivery — it is NOT guaranteed to be this fast — so be sure to consider this when making your shipping method selection at the time you place your order.
If your shipment does not arrive within the cumulative time estimated for warehouse order fulfillment and carrier delivery, contact us via email to request your order status. Within 48 hours of sending your request, you will receive an email from our customer service dept that contains either updated status / backorder ETA information for your order, or that contains your shipping method/carrier, tracking number (if applicable), and date that your package(s) shipped. If tracking is available for your shipping method, you can get delivery status information by visiting the appropriate carrier shipment tracking link below.