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Thank you for your patience while we work diligently to serve your aircooled VW parts needs during this unprecedented situation.

My International shipped package appears to be lost. What do I do next?

During checkout when you submit your order with us, you are required to indicate agreement to abide by ALL of our order policies and Terms of Service and Procedures. That means that you have agreed to be patient, and to cooperate with tracking and claim procedures in the event a package is delayed, damaged or lost.

The incidence of “delayed” packages to international destinations is somewhat common, and is mostly due to the receiving country’s Customs/Import Agency paperwork processing and placing holds for payment of duty/tax.

It is quite rare for a package to go missing or lost entirely. In over fifteen years of shipping internationally via the US Postal Service, we have been asked to initiate quite a few “lost” package claims by worried customers, but all except ONE of those customers ended up receiving their package before the package trace inquiry got a response. The Trace and Claim process itself is SLOW and can take anywhere from 4 – 6 MONTHS to complete. 

And yes — you read that right — we literally have only ever had ONE International package truly get “lost in transit” out of the several thousand packages we have shipped out of the country over the years. We believe that is because we are very careful and thorough about filling out all the shipment paperwork needed for successful delivery.

In the event your local delivery or customs agency cannot locate your shipment after more time has passed than specified, at THAT point you should contact us VIA EMAIL to report your package as “delayed or lost” so that we can begin the process of filing a Lost Shipment Trace and Insurance Claim with the US Postal Service. The claim process is VERY SLOW, and REQUIRES your full cooperation. You may be required to provide an original SIGNED “Letter of Declaration of Non-Receipt of Shipment” via regular mail (an email declaration is NOT accepted for insurance claim payout). If the claim reaches that point, we will provide you with a template of the necessary letter. If you do not cooperate with us to complete the Lost Shipment Trace and Insurance Claim, you will forfeit any credit or refund for the lost shipment.

Please note that if you have submitted an undeliverable or incomplete address, and your package goes missing and cannot be recovered, you also will not receive any refund. This is because incorrectly addressed packages are NOT covered by carrier insurance policies.

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