Problems with an Order or Item FAQs

Email is vastly more flexible, reliable, and efficient than playing telephone tag, but it is still not a perfectly reliable communication tool…
It is our policy to answer every  email inquiry that REACHES OUR INBOX. But since email is not entirely error-free, if you do NOT receive a response within 3 business days, then most likely your message may not have reached us, and you should EMAIL US AGAIN. Our spam system is pretty smart, but once in a while a few “real” emails do get tagged & snagged as spam by our filter system (an unfortunate necessity since we have publicly posted company email addresses). If you send REPEATED email messages to us and still do not receive any reply, AND you have checked YOUR spam folder and our response to you is not there either,  then it’s time to resort to a phone call. Call and leave a voicemail at 801-453-1906 with a brief description of your inquiry and please mention that you have previously attempted to reach us via email.

If you are calling about an order, be sure to include your NAME and ORDER NUMBER. 

If you are calling with a non-order-related general inquiry, please state your reason for calling, your phone number AND your email address, so that we can direct your question to the right department for response. Your email address will be used to search for your prior email and also to check our email log files to determine if there is a larger problem occurring.

Even if your package is visibly damaged, you should have the carrier notate that damage is visible, but still SIGN FOR and ACCEPT IT. If you refuse it, it can invalidate carrier insurance and may also delay replacement order shipping. KEEP ALL OF THE PACKAGING MATERIALS, including the shipping box, as they will be needed for inspection if an insurance claim  becomes necessary.

Report the issue to us via email immediately upon discovery (within 10 days of date of delivery).  We will then either initiate a claim on your behalf OR you might be instructed to contact the carrier directly — but you MUST start by reporting the problem to us to ensure proper procedure is followed.

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