Catalog, Checkout, & Online Shopping FAQs

These are our Catalog, Checkout, & Online Shopping FAQs

We are happy to combine newly requested items for shipment with a pending order or backordered items (assuming that all the items can be combined into one package safely and/or logistically).

When you want/need to add things to an already existing order, the way to ensure combined shipment is to place another order via our online system and put in the Order Messages/Notes “please combine shipment of this order with my pending order not yet shipped.” We see the “add-on” order immediately and take swift action to combine them. We also pass along any savings on shipping that result from combining shipment where possible, so any additionally quoted shipping cost will be adjusted appropriately.

he reason for requiring that you submit requests for additional items via our web store is that most emailed requests for items do not provide all the specifics needed, plus it is sometimes difficult to sift out “final order” information accurately when it has evolved through the course of an email conversation! Submitting your add-on items as a new online order allows us to process your request for combined shipment flags the warehouse to “pause processing” of your order-already-in-progress, to allow for combined shipment, and it also ensures that an appropriate amount is pre-authorized on your card used for payment to accommodate the additional cost of the items. Our online system is designed to capture all the order detail necessary to expedite your multiple orders efficiently and accurately.

“Cores” are the used parts that may be returned for credit after you have purchased a rebuilt product us. Not all cores are rebuildable so return of a core does not guarantee that you will receive a core fee refund. We send cores to our rebuilders for assessment and if accepted as “rebuildable” then they can be used to create a remanufactured part. 

The core charge and core return system that is prevalent in the autoparts world is a great way to recycle, and in the classic VW parts world, it helps to keep some no-longer-manufactured-new products available.  Cores are only returnable if explicitly stated in the product listing, and the core return must be requested and sent back to us on a timely basis (within 90 days). Please read our full CORE RETURN POLICY details and request a Core Return Authorization before attempting to return a core. 

Most of our products have application year/model or fitment information in the product name and/or description. But half the battle is determining what you actually have on YOUR car…since over the years, previous owners of your vehicle may have swapped out parts from different years (creating what is often called a “Frankenwagen”). If you need to clear up if a part is going to fit your vehicle, send an email to our Tech Dept with your question, known vehicle information, and ideally a PHOTO that helps illuminate your situation.  Our VW Tech Advisor will do his best to help you figure out what you need. The more details you can provide, the better we will be able to help.

At this time we do not maintain a printed catalog, so we are not able to mail you one.
Since our company’s inception, we have concentrated our efforts on providing the best web-based delivery of VW project technical support, and efficient parts ordering found anywhere on the internet. The time and expense involved in publishing a paper-based catalog for a traditional style mail out is cost-prohibitive compared to the realtime, up-to-date catalog we can provide to our customers online.

We hope that you will be able to find a way to access our online product catalog via the web. We love to help people like yourself to restore, maintain, and get the most out of their aircooled Volkswagens!

Sorry, but with the exception of orders being paid by US Postal Money Order or Wire Transfer, we do NOT provide shipping quotes.

Our policy to not provide manually calculated shipping estimates is based on a lot of experience, and the explanation is as follows: In order for our warehouse to give a “final/verified” shipping quote for a specific combination of items, all the items have to be pulled from inventory, packaged and weighed and measured. Doing this manual ship quote procedure takes valuable time away from the expediting of already submitted orders, causing delays for the committed and eager customers who have placed their trust in us on the basis of our online system’s estimated shipping cost, and our promise that we always do everything in our power to minimize shipping costs, and adjust to pass through any available savings to our customers.

In the past, it has overwhelmingly been our unfortunate experience that after we go to the lengths necessary to provide a final/verified shipping quote for a person who is only contemplating placing an order, far more often than not, the order does not occur, and than all the products have to then get unwrapped and put back into inventory. Sadly, the “tire-kickers” of the world have spoiled it for those of you who may sincerely intend to proceed with an order.

The bottom line is this: Shipping and Insurance costs what it costs based on the weight, size and value of your requested items! If you need the products, then the price your selected carrier charges to deliver them to you is a necessary evil to get them to you. Since you already have our promise not to overcharge you on shipping, you can obtain a reasonably close estimate by visiting your carrier of choice’s website and using their online ship cost estimator software. You may need our “Ship From” Zip/Postal Code, which is 84107. And you can get a comparative based cost by estimating the weight and size of your requested items. The carrier shipping cost calculators linked below are excellent tools, and we recommend that you use them if you are concerned or wondering what kind of shipping rates (ie. oversize, insurance cost, speed of delivery) will apply to your order.

Aircooled.Net NO LONGER accepts personal or business checks.
But we DO accept payment by US Postal MONEY ORDER. You still must place your order via our online system, but you are not required to enter payment information if you select the “Pay US Postal Money Order” payment option. Orders submitted with Pay by US Postal Money Order selected are not shipped until payment has been received. Upon receipt of your US Postal Money Order, your order will enter the order processing queue for shipment.

Aircooled.Net accepts payment via Wire Transfer. Anyone may opt to pay for their order using this payment method, but it is most often INTERNATIONAL ORDERS that use this payment method since our International Payment Policies sometimes require Wire Transfer (i.e. for custom-made, non-returnable items and for orders totaling more than $500.00 USD). If you are an international customer, be sure to read our International Policy Information for more detail.

In all cases of payment by Wire Transfer, there is a Wire Transfer Admin Fee added to the order total:

transfers from within the USA $20.00
transfers from outside the USA $39.00

“PAY BY WIRE” customers will receive an email with their order total (including final/verified shipping cost) along with the necessary wire payment details after their requested items have been collated and prepped for shipment.

At this time, we do not accept payment by PayPal for several reasons.

Most frustratingly, our ecommerce system does not support the “authorize first, capture separately, later” that we need due to the prevalence of backorders and shipping delays in our industry. Additionally, Paypal is a more costly method of accepting payment than a traditional merchant account, so in an effort to combat rising costs, that is another reason we opted not to accept Paypal as a form of order payment.

Accepted forms of payment are Visa, Mastercard, US Postal Money Order and Wired Funds Transfer. We hope that we will be able to assist you.

We accept VISA and MASTERCARD. You can also mail payment by US Postal Money order or request the details for WIRE TRANSFER payment.

We do NOT accept AmEx or Discover Card or PAYPAL.
We do not accept personal, business, or cashier’s checks.

Your credit card is NOT charged when you submit your order online. In most cases, your credit card is billed on the day that we process your order for shipment. If your order contains dropshipped or special order items, or custom made-to-order products, your card will be charged before your order is shipped from the manufacturer (sometimes several weeks before the items will ship). Items that have been prepaid that are subsequently back ordered will be shipped as soon as they become available.

Online orders are accepted 24 hrs per day, 7 days a week.
Order cutoff time is NOON, Mountain Time. New orders, add-on orders, and item changes/deletions submitted either online or via email after this time may not be seen or processed until the following business day.

Orders ship out Monday through Friday. Our warehouse is closed on weekends.

Orders for pickup at our Will-Call location in Murray, Utah may be picked up Tuesday – Friday between 10am – 4pm. Please note that Local Order Pickup is not available on Mondays.

Customer Service by Email: In general, we are able to respond to inquiries either the same, or next business day. We attempt to at least respond to all emails, (even if we can’t immediately answer all of your questions) within 72 hours. International Order Inquiries may experience longer response times. Depending on the nature of emailed inquiries we are often able to and regularly do respond outside of regular business hours.

For accuracy reasons we no longer take orders by telephone.
Ordering online at is the best way to ensure that your order information is complete and accurate, that your payment information is transmitted securely, and that you are given the opportunity to select from all of the applicable product options, and shipping options (shipping estimates are based on your shipping address). Our online system is designed to capture the order detail necessary to expedite your order efficiently and accurately.

If the reason you are wanting to place an order by phone is that you have concerns about submitting your payment information online, there is a way to bypass the credit card input fields, so that the rest of your order information can be submitted accurately and completely.

You can create an online order and bypass the credit card input area by selecting the payment method of “PAY BY US POSTAL MONEY ORDER” option.

Then you can either wait for us to send you a verified order total and pay by mailing us a US Postal Money Order, OR you can use your ORDER NOTES/INSTRUCTIONS area during checkout to ask that we contact you to take your credit card information over the telephone manually.

We ask that you send us your order and tech questions by email instead of calling us. Your email is directed to the appropriate person or department and will be answered as quickly as we are able (response time depends on the nature of info you are asking for AND on the volume of email inquiries we are experiencing).

We provide all customer care and product support by email because not only does customer care and tech assistance by phone tend to be about 20 times more time consuming than the same questions answered via email, but verbal conversations also result in higher error rates and misunderstandings. Email correspondence provides a written record of all info related to each customer’s needs and situation (vehicle info, project goals, timeframe of parts needs, and specific service and parts requests). We refer to your correspondence and order history to be able to serve you better, AND it gives you a written record to refer back to as well, so that you don’t have to rely on your memory to recall what service commitments we have made to you.

We rely heavily on email as the most efficient and accurate way to serve our customers. Please only contact us by PHONE if email is not possible for some reason, or if your situation (or tech question) is so complicated that it cannot be explained in writing.

Email is vastly more flexible, reliable, and efficient than playing telephone tag, but it is still not a perfectly reliable communication tool…
It is our policy to answer every  email inquiry that REACHES OUR INBOX. But since email is not entirely error-free, if you do NOT receive a response within 3 business days, then most likely your message may not have reached us, and you should EMAIL US AGAIN. Our spam system is pretty smart, but once in a while a few “real” emails do get tagged & snagged as spam by our filter system (an unfortunate necessity since we have publicly posted company email addresses). If you send REPEATED email messages to us and still do not receive any reply, AND you have checked YOUR spam folder and our response to you is not there either,  then it’s time to resort to a phone call. Call and leave a voicemail at 801-453-1906 with a brief description of your inquiry and please mention that you have previously attempted to reach us via email.

If you are calling about an order, be sure to include your NAME and ORDER NUMBER. 

If you are calling with a non-order-related general inquiry, please state your reason for calling, your phone number AND your email address, so that we can direct your question to the right department for response. Your email address will be used to search for your prior email and also to check our email log files to determine if there is a larger problem occurring.

WE DO NOT TAKE ORDERS BY PHONE. Our entire shipping system is set up to function off of orders submitted via our website. For this, and for accuracy reasons we generally do NOT to take orders by telephone. We will ask you to place your order via our ONLINE system even if you are on the phone with us getting your questions answered.

You should select the option for ECONO US POSTAL shipping method, and if your order contains only jets and/or small/light items then we would automatically process it for a First Class shipment and adjust the final shipping cost down to the minimum shipping charge for an order.
Even somewhat small or flat metal objects can’t ship in a regular envelope because they are metal and a regular envelope will rip in the letter handling machines that the postal system uses, so either a large padded envelope or small box are used for 1st class shipments. And with insurance also added, that brings cost up to close to our $7 shipping minimum charge in most cases.

Do VW part numbers like this “133-201-075 AD” look like Greek to you?

Well it might surprise you to learn that VW actually had a “plan” when they created their part numbering system. With a little background information, you too will be able to dissect a VW part number and have a good idea what vehicle the part is for and what the part’s application is.

Read more about what those numbers all mean

 What you have heard is true. Aircooled.Net offers VW technical help via email at no charge.
It is becoming very popular, and we are proud to be reasonably liberal with our service, HOWEVER…nothing in life is completely “FREE”, and this service is no exception…

Before using our Email Tech Help Service, be sure to familiarize yourself with our Tech Help Use-At-Your-Own-Risk-Disclaimer and our Tech Help Terms of Service.

It is Aircooled.Net’s policy to pass along to customers shipping charges that reflect close to the actual costs associated with shipping, insurance, packaging materials and handling for their specific packages.

Read more about our shipping policies here:

We have many international customers and are happy to serve our international clientele the best way that we can (there are some restrictions). The reality is that shipping orders to international destinations is riddled with potential delays and complications. Many companies do not ship internationally due to shipping complexities and an ever increasing incidence of fraud and unwarranted order chargebacks. Rather than discontinue our International Order Services, we have opted to implement some restrictive payment policies on international orders.

Each time you place an order via our checkout system, we give you the opportunity to select your preferred shipping carrier and method. Next to each option is a rough estimate of the cost for that selection.

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