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Customer Care at Aircooled.Net  —  How to Contact Us

Every single one of our customers is important to us, no matter the size of the order. 

  We work hard to respond to and take care of every customer in as timely a manner as possible. In order to be able to serve the many VW lovers who contact us, we rely heavily on email as the most efficient and accurate way to correspond. Please only contact us by PHONE if you are unable to email for some reason, or if your situation (or tech question) is complicated. We can respond to approximately 5 email inquiries in the same amount of time it takes to serve one phone call and we rely on those time savings to be able to do the necessary footwork associated with acquiring hard-to-find items from over 100 suppliers, and to process and ship orders out in as timely a manner as possible!


  Please use email to send your inquiry or requests to modify orders. Doing so allows us to gather the most up to date information regarding your order before we email you back. Electronic correspondence also allows for easy reference for both of us as we process your order. We reply to every email we receive, usually within 1-3 business days. If you don’t receive a reply, please don’t assume the worst! Consider the possibility that your email may not have reached us: Although most of the time it works great, email is not perfect, and either your email to us, or our email back to you may be caught in a spam filter. If it has been more than 3 business days since you emailed, feel free to send a follow up email so that we can know you are still waiting and  have not received our reply.


  We understand that there are some situations that can only be taken care of manually, and warrant a telephone call. The telephone number to call to LEAVE A MESSAGE for CALL BACK is (801) 453-1906. We are regrettably NOT able to offer “formal” phone hours currently because we process a lot of orders with a comparatively small staff, so during the day when we are in full operation, we are unable to answer incoming calls. But you CAN rest assured that WE DO RETURN ALL VOICEMAIL MESSAGES at a time when we are able to focus on your situation/questions and aren’t attending to fulfillment of shipments that are in process for waiting customers. We return calls DURING THE DAY at various times throughout the week as time allows, so please BE PREPARED TO WAIT AT LEAST A FEW DAYS for us to call you back. If you are phoning for status of a backorder or order in process, you may receive your reply by EMAIL.


  Our entire shipping system is set up to function off of orders submitted via our online catalog/store. For this, and for accuracy reasons we generally do NOT to take orders by telephone or through email. We will ask you to place your order via our ONLINE system even if you are on the phone with us getting your questions answered.


Our Address:

Aircooled.Net RETURNS
379 West 6500 South
Murray , UT 84107

Do NOT ship return items to this address without prior authorization. Read and follow our Guarantee, Warranty Info and Return Authorization Instructions to obtain an RGA/RMA for any items you need to return. SEND REQUESTS FOR RETURN AUTHORIZATION TO and please allow up to 3-5 business days for our Returns Coordinator to review and administer the request before sending a reply with the appropriate troubleshooting or authorization information. 


To get stock status and processing information for items, the best way is to place an “Order Request” via our web catalog. Submitting your inquiry as an “Order Request” online is a far more efficient and and fast way for us to receive all of the information and detail needed to give you accurate stock status (otherwise, we risk misinterpreting which item you are inquiring about). Placing an Order Request has the added benefit of actually putting the requested in stock items on hold for you. Otherwise, any stock status we give you is subject to change, and you might have to wait up to a week or more for us to manually cross reference part numbers in order to provide you with the status information. Another online feature is that putting the items in your cart will give you an idea of cost of shipping (via estimate) and comparative shipping carriers/methods. During checkout, there is a text area called ORDER NOTES/MESSAGES where we urge you to put any questions or special instructions or needs you may have, and doing so will trigger us to take appropriate action or respond with the information you request in advance of shipment or processing.
If your concern is that you are not entirely ready to proceed, just bypass the “credit card input area” during checkout by selecting “Pay by US Money Order” and then if you decide later that you want us to go ahead, all you have to do is log in to your account, open the history/details for the Order Request, and submit an “Update/Change Payment Method” to securely send your credit or debit card payment information.
By following the above procedures, we are better able to serve you.