Order Fulfillment FAQs

When will my order ship? The answer depends on the following 3 factors.

  1. Factor in Time for Order Fulfillment
    We are not yet able to offer “same day shipping” on orders. In general, orders DO NOT go out the same day they are received. Orders can and often are delayed by custom-made items and items not in stock at time of order. In addition, orders are processed and filled in the order they are received, so shipping time is affected by how many pending orders there already are in the shipping queue at the time you submit your order.
  2. Shipping Method “Estimated Delivery Time” is TRANSIT TIME ONLY
    The estimated times associated with the Shipping Method you select are an estimate of the TRANSIT TIME from the date of shipment. These time estimates DO NOT INCLUDE the normal order fulfillment time that it takes to actually process your order in the warehouse before it ships. This is important to consider, especially when selecting a high cost / high speed shipping method. When you request “Next Day Shipping”, you cannot assume that the item will arrive the “Next Day”! If you are in need of some or all of the items in your order by a specific date, you MUST enter that information on the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS page during order check out. Although we will do our best to get your order to you by the date you specify, there is no way for us to GUARANTEE that you will receive items by a requested date.
  3. Problems with Payment Method Can Delay Order Shipment
    Pay by Check or Money Order orders will not ship until payment clears (expect at least a 7 day wait AFTER we RECEIVE a personal or business check. Money Order orders will go out the day after the MO is deposited).
    Credit Card orders are not shipped until we receive authorization and shipping address verification from your credit
    card company. In certain cases, this may delay shipping. We will not charge your credit card until your items ship.

When do you charge my credit card?
Your credit card is NOT charged at the time you submit your order. You are charged only for the items that are shipped to you, and the charge is made to your card on the date that the items ship to you (if sent from Aircooled.Net warehouse), AND/OR on the date your items are ordered for dropship directly from the manufacturer.

Why is Signature Required upon delivery?
We regret any inconvenience, but Aircooled.Net must reserve the right to require a SIGNATURE upon delivery of a package. Shipping carriers require it for the purposes of shipment insurance and credit card processing companies require it when an order is paid for by credit card in a non “face-to-face” transaction. If you are not home when the carrier attempts to deliver the package and get a signature to confirm delivery, this can delay delivery. Customers may specifically request that we send their shipments “No Signature”, but by doing so, the customer assumes the liability for package loss.

How do I change or cancel my order?
If you need to get in touch with us about your order, email orders@aircooled.net, and be sure to include your name as well as reference your Order Number. For order status on delayed orders (defined as orders that are more than 2 weeks old), you may also call the order manager at 801-453-1906 Mon-Fri 10AM-3PM MST.

Why was I charged/invoiced for some products that I didn’t receive?

  • Multiple Packages May Arrive Separately
    Do not be concerned if items in your order arrive in separate packages. Whenever possible we attempt to ship orders in a single package to keep shipping costs down for the customer. But separate packaging is sometimes required due to carrier limits on package size and weight. Also, some items are drop-shipped directly from the manufacturer for quicker delivery, and dropshipped items will arrive in packages separate from items that are shipped from the Aircooled.Net warehouse. This happens in the cases of custom-made products, some backorder situations, and for most of the especially large or heavy items.
  • Backordered Items
    If you were invoiced for items whose box # appears as “D” or “DS” on your invoice, then those items are coming in a separate package. Item availability for some drop-shipped items cannot be verified prior to payment processing. For this reason, some items on your order may be invoiced and charged but placed on back order due to lack of immediate availability. All Back Ordered items (both pre-paid, and not prepaid) will be shipped as soon as they become available. You will be contacted prior to shipping of a backordered item if the period of backorder is greater than 90 days. If pre-paid back ordered items can not be acquired within 90 days of order placement, then the order for those items will be considered null and void, and any applicable product charges will be credited to your account or credit card. Simply send us an email if you haven’t received your drop-shipped backordered items in a timely manner and want either a status update or to cancel the items.
  • Packaging Error/Shorted Items
    If you are still missing some items after you have received all of your packages, contact us via email at custservice@aircooled.net and tell us the specific items that were shorted from your order. We will verify the packing slip on our end and rectify the matter to your satisfaction. Shorted items are defined as items that appear on the invoice enclosed but are NOT in any of the packages received. If your package is damaged or compromised on the exterior, then the items are more likely LOST, not SHORTED (see below for procedure on Damaged shipments).

I wasn’t charged for all of the products I ordered…
If some the items you ordered do not appear on your invoice and are not included in your shipment, then one of two things has occured:

  • The item is backordered, and will be charged to your card and shipped when it becomes available.
  • The item is no longer available. We often only learn of discontinued products when we go to acquire them for a customer. When discovered, discontinued or unavailable products are either removed from our online catalog, or we state that they are discontined in the catalog product description.

My package arrived damaged. Should I accept or refuse it?

  • Even if your package is visibly damaged, you should still SIGN FOR and ACCEPT IT. If you refuse it, it can invalidate carrier insurance and can also delay replacement order shipping. KEEP ALL OF THE PACKAGING MATERIALS – they will be needed for inspection if an insurance claim is necessary.

My order had damaged and/or missing items. What do I do?

  • If the box and/or packaging is breached, you should ACCEPT the package anyway, but then immediately compare the contents of the box against your invoice in order to ensure that no items have been LOST from the package in transit. If you discover that some of the contents of a breached package are lost (different from shorted, which is defined above!) or if the contents of your package are damaged in transit due to package mishandling, contact Aircooled.Net immediately (via email at custservice@aircooled.net), tell us specifically which items were lost or damaged, and we will initiate a package claim via the carrier. Package damage and loss claims ALWAYS require the cooperation and some paperwork on the part of you, the customer. Following procedure ensures that we can quickly reship lost or damaged items to you, in most cases.

How do I return an item? 
Summary Below:
For more detailed information on Return Procedures Click Here.

  1. Send a RETURN AUTHORIZATION REQUEST (including the items you wish to return and the reason(s) why) to returns@aircooled.net
  2. You will receive an email response either asking for more clarification OR you will receive an email response with return approval and shipping instructions.
  3. When you receive approval, follow the instructions provided and ship the items to us. Detailed instructions at https://www.aircooled.net/topic/returns-rmas-warranty-faqs/ or click on the “Returning a part?” link on the navigation bar below.
  4. When your returned items are received, they will be inspected and credited back to you appropriately as per our Part Return Policy (30 day Satisfaction Guarantee) and our 90-day Part Warranty Against Defects.