VW Carburetor Tech

How To Use a Wideband To Tune Your Carburetor(s) On The VW Flat-4 Engine

Tuning with a Wideband enables you to seriously dial in your carburetion system. This article contains both the “how” and the “why”. It is important that you understand the “why”

Making the Weber Progressive Carburetor (32/36 DFEV) Work on the Aircooled VW Engine

Here at ACN we have gotten enough tech questions asking about the Weber Progressive Carburetor that we felt it was time to get a good article up on the subject. These are our OPINIONS on this subject.

VW Carb Tech: Carburetor Set Up Procedure

Follow this procedure before you bolt any VW carburetor onto your engine, whether they are new or used! It will put you in the position to be able to tune your carbs without other factors getting in

How To Rebuild Weber 48 IDA Carburetors for your VW

The Weber 48 IDA has been used for decades by VW enthusiasts whose goal it is to squeeze every ounce of performance out of their engine. Problem is, production of these coveted Webers was halted many

VW Carb Tech 101: How to Select the right Carburetor Model and Linkage Style for your Aircooled VW

Aircooled Volkswagen enthusiasts have quite a few carburetor options. Performance increases that can be gained by going with aftermarket carburetion are a common consideration, but without a little

VW Carb Tech 102: Carburetor Jetting Theory & Procedure

After springing for a set of carburetors, some people bolt them on, and are “pleased” with the results. Others are upset by a backfiring, or smoke belching monster. In either case, spending

VW Carb Tech 103: How to Synchronize Dual Carburetors

This article contains the step by step, detailed procedure for synchronizing dual carburetors on an aircooled VW engine. But before you actually tackle the syncronization, remove the air cleaners, and

Stock VW Carburetor Adjustment – Vintage How To Video