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2180cc Engine Combo for Convertible Beetles and Ghias, THINGs, and Type 3s!

This parts list is part of our series of component lists for our most popular engine combos, designed to make shopping easier for you! Click HERE if you want to see a complete list of all our engine

2275cc “Mild” Engine Combo Parts List

2275cc “Mild” VW Engine Combo with CB Panchito Heads ~ Requires 1 5/8″ Exhaust and 44mm Dual Carburetors This parts list is part of our series of our most popular engine combos designed

2275cc Engine Combo, L6 Heads; Requires 1 3/4″ Exhaust and at least (2) 44mm Carburetors

We have put together a parts list for our most popular engine combos to make shopping easier for you. This list will give you a long block that is proven and tested to delivery! This particular engine

VW Super Beetle Shimmy – How to Find and Fix the Problem!

VW SuperBeetle Shimmy (aka DEATH SHAKE): A Serious Problem — Not Just a Minor Annoyance! In 1971, Volkswagen introduced the VW Super Beetle (aka: Model 1301), billing is as a nicer version of

VW Type 1 Mileage Master MPG Engine Combo

With fuel prices on the rise, we’ve been getting lots of inquiries about building a VW engine to improve and maximize. You can use this handy to determine what you have now. This article outlines

1800cc VW Engine Combo: How to Build a Big VW Engine on a Budget

Some folks with aircooled VWs are looking to move up to an 1800cc VW engine from their stock 1600cc VW engine, but don’t want to break the bank in the process. The advice below is intended to

Running Nitrous Oxide in a VW

Nitrous oxide can be used in your VW engine to create more horsepower. All engines operate under the same principles: better breathing, plus more fuel in a denser vapor equals more power. Using nitrous

VW Piston & Cylinder Operation

Increase your VW Engine Power with Proper Piston, Cylinder, and Ring Operation The way that pistons, cylinders, and rings work together to support engine power is often misunderstood or mysterious to

Type 1 VW Transmission Conversion to Porsche 5 Speed

A Porsche 5 speed conversion is a nifty modification that makes your Type 1 VW really nice to drive! The Porsche transaxle is strong from the start because it is engineered for the power of a flat six

VW Performance Engine Building Considerations

Building a ‘Big’ Aircooled VW Engine (Type 1) This article is a guide to the theory and choices involved in building performance engines for Aircooled VWs (Type 1). There are careful decisions

VW Drag Racing Suspension

Drag Racing Suspension & Setup for Type 1 Aircooled VWs In this article we cover some basic car setup for VW Drag Racing. The information in this article, properly applied, may be able to keep you

How To Make Your VW Handle (Handling & Suspension Tuning)!

Suspension Tuning Tips for Type 1 Swingaxle Beetles, IRS Beetles and Buggies (Street and Auto-X) My name is Greg Ward, I am a guest writer for Aircooled.Net, and I have a 69’ Std Beetle with IRS rear

Aircooled VW Performance ‘Easy’ Bolt-On Modifications

“Bolt-On” VW Performance Improvements for your  Stock VW The following modification and upgrade recommendations will give you the biggest grin-per-dollar for dollars you invest in your