About our Free VW Tech Help

YES, what you have heard is true. Aircooled.Net offers VW technical help via email at no charge. 

It has become very popular, and we are proud to be reasonably liberal with our service, HOWEVER…nothing in life is completely “FREE”, and this service is no exception… Before using our Email Tech Help Service Form below, be sure to familiarize yourself with our Tech Help Terms of Service, and Tech Help Use-At-Your-Own-Risk-Disclaimer so that everyone is on the same page as far as expectations go…

VW Tech Help Terms of Service – The VW Tech Help Manifesto

Need Help with Parts Questions or Project Advice? Email technicalquestions@aircooled.net.

We provide unlimited email help for products that you purchase from us…But although we endeavor to be helpful, we aren’t saints! We might say “I told you so” if you don’t take our advice for installation, parts compatibility, etc.

We provide unlimited email help for making purchase decisions…But we will not advise you forever if you never, or very rarely put your money where your mouth is (i.e. if you never place any orders for the items you ask us about) compared to the amount of questions that you ask.

We provide LIMITED email help for products that you did not purchase from us — but we do not appreciate being “used” as a “public service ” tech support source by people who buy a product slightly cheaper somewhere else that DOESN’T provide tech support. If you choose to shop exclusively by price and buy your products elsewhere, you are forfeiting the convenience of Aircooled.Net service/support.

We answer your emailed questions to the best of our ability, ONCE, and usually twice if you don’t understand the first time. By all means, ask for clarification if previous answers do not make sense to you, or if we missed some aspect of your question. But we will not repeatedly answer the SAME question from you just because you did not LIKE the truth,opinion, or instruction provided in the previous answer(s).

Level of detail of tech help…
We attempt to provide technical assistance to you at a level that can be reasonably understood. It will help us if you advise us of your level of experience in the subject that you are inquiring about. If you are a newbie to VWs, you can expect to be referred to several basic and general public tech sources in response to basic tech questions whose answers require general mechanical education. In response to some advanced questions, we may refer you to read technical information either posted on our website, posted elsewhere on the internet, or in an excellent and readily available book on your requested subject, rather than re-typing publicly available tech info in response to your emailed inquiry. Some of these resources we refer you to may as close as your public library — PLEASE, if we tell you to read something, please read it before continuing with the questions! We are a technical assistance and reference service – here to assist and guide and advise (You know, lead a horse to water…teach a man to fish…yada yada!). It is NOT our purpose to educate on every detail and nuance of basic and advanced mechanics.

We do not guarantee that you will receive a LENGTHY response to your questions. In general, the more detailed your question and/or vehicle/engine set up information you provide, the more accurate and detailed your response will be. If your questions can be adequately answered with brief explanations, you may receive brief (and not wordy or pretty) responses. Please do not be offended! (see “Who is the Tech Guy” below)

…and who is the Tech Guy?

Keep in mind that the majority of the VW tech knowledge that you are tapping is possessed by ONE single man, John Connolly (founder and President) at our company. John routinely responds to 100s of email PER DAY in addition to overseeing warehouse staff, order processing, and post-sale service. If his response to you is brief, it is usually due to necessity, and not because he is intentionally meaning to be unfriendly. That said, IF our tech guy becomes unfriendly (and we acknowledge that he is piss-off-able), we recommend that you bring your issue to the attention of the VP of Operations by emailing your complaint to admin@aircooled.net. This is a better and more effective course of action than to engage a grumpy tech guy in an escalated situation email battle!!!

Parts and VW Technical Questions
Email technicalquestions@aircooled.net
EMAIL is by far the fastest way to get VW Tech product or project help from John Connolly, the Owner and resident VW Tech Guy at Aircooled.Net. Most of the time, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how quickly you get a reply, even in the evenings and on the weekend. He handles a fairly large volume of tech questions though, so don’t be surprised if his answer is short and to the point! See the VW Tech Help Terms of Service below to learn more about John and what you can expect from Aircooled.Net free VW tech help…

If you have specific parts or technical questions that are not answered in the product descriptions of our online catalog, or if your situation is too detailed to discuss via email, you may telephone and speak to John. Keep in mind though that during business hours, John is quite busy overseeing many aspects of the business in addition to being the main “source” of VW knowledge behind Aircooled.Net. Though you may catch him if you call other times of day, you will always be more likely to reach John by phone after lunch. If you try repeatedly to reach him by phone and are not successful, please do send an email instead and you will receive a timely response!

Response Times
We attempt to at least respond to all emails, (even if we can’t immediately answer all of your questions) within 72 hours. But since we are only human, and some periods of the year are busier than others, we may fall behind the targeted 72 hour response time. Most of the time, you will pleasantly surprised to discover that we have much faster than 72 hour response times. If your request for information is not responded to within 72 hours see the section below entitled: “Email is not a perfectly reliable communication medium”

Email has a lot of advantages that enable us to serve you better, but as great as it is, it’s not perfect.
We answer any/all technical inquiries that REACH OUR INBOX. But since email is not a perfectly error free communication medium, if you do NOT receive a response within 72 hours, you should assume that the message did not reach us. This may be because of the inherent structure of email transmission via the internet, and it may also be because your message may have been tagged as spam by our filter system (an unfortunate necessity since we have publicly posted company email addresses). If you send REPEATED messages to us and do not receive any response from us, please PHONE us at 801-453-1906 (between 10am – 3pm MST) to ask your questions and to give us your email address, then we can check our email log files to determine if there is a larger problem occurring.

Except for if you email us from a different address (to which we will hit “reply”), all email communication with customers will be via the email address submitted with your most recent order. It is very important that you submit your orders with a CURRENT and VALID email address.


Information/instructions (by email, telephone, forum, or otherwise posted) that Aircooled.Net may provide to assist you in ordering, using or installing products are provided by Aircooled.Net for your general assistance only, and are based on the experience of the staff at Aircooled.Net.

Aircooled.Net, Inc. does not make any claim regarding the accuracy of the information that is provided to customers.  Although it is always our intention to provide product descriptions, instructions, tech articles and email and phone tech advise that is detailed and accurate,we do NOT guarantee that our information is 100% free of errors or that it covers EVERY possible year, make, model, stock vs. aftermarket application.

Any/all tech help, advice, articles, product instructions or other information (including the suitability for a product for your application) are provided for USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. We offer no guarantee or warranty that your interpretation or skill in implementing the information we provide will achieve your desired result. If you buy your parts from us, any available product warranty covers DEFECT ONLY — no warranty covers installation error!

As a result, Aircooled.Net, Inc. does not assume any liability for damages incurred while following advise or instructions nor while installing any product purchased from Aircooled.Net. You should not rely solely on one source of technical advice (i.e. we highly recommend that you consult a shop manual for all your projects). Part of the joy of the aircooled VW hobby is the pride you can take in having “done it yourself”. Along with that comes the reality that there IS a learning curve, with associated mistakes. We are not able to guess what you know or don’t know, nor oversee your work, so we can make no assurances to you regarding the efficacy of your work, even if we have done everything we can think of to help guide you.

That said, if you do not feel confident installing the products yourself or if you want a warranty on the work done to your car, you may be able to get that by hiring a licensed and qualified mechanic. But if you are having a mechanic or other person do the work on your car, we also recommend that you purchase the parts through them as well.  Most mechanics won’t warranty their work unless you ALSO buy the parts that THEY recommend THROUGH THEM. There’s not much a profession mechanic hates more, than when a client brings him a box of parts and says “can you use these to fix my car?” And we completely understand why (our owner was a professional mechanic back in the day!) The mechanic you hire has no way to know the quality or history of the parts that you are giving him (nor did he make any profit on the sale of them) and so he has no motivation to warranty any work associated with those parts.