Engine Calculator for Four Cylinder VW Engine

Use this VW Engine Calculator (calibrated for a Four Cylinder VW Engine) to check the displacement and other specifications for your engine combo.


Engine Bore (mm)
Engine Stroke (mm)
Deck Height (inches - 0.040 recommended)
Head Chamber Volume (CC)
Compression Ratio (Enter "8.5" for 8.5:1 CR)
Number of cylinders
Engine Size / Displacement
Click Button to Calculate


To determine the appropriate head combustion chamber volume needed to build an 1800cc engine with a compression ratio of 8.5:1, with 0.040″ deck height, you would plug in the following numbers:

bore (in mm)=88

stroke (in mm)=74

deck height (in inches)=0.040 (our recommended target deck height)

and desired compression ratio=8.5

Then click the ‘head CC’ button and you’ll be given the answer (which in this case would be 54cc.)