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2074cc Engine Combo for Convertible Beetles and Ghias, THINGs, Busses, and Type 3s!

This parts list is part of our series of component lists for our most popular engine combos, designed to make shopping easier for you! Click HERE if you want to see a complete list of all our engine combos to choose from!

This list will give you a long block that is proven and tested to deliver! This particular engine combo is designed for a really broad torque curve, but does require case and head machine work.

This combo has mild heads, a stroker crank, and super reliable THICK WALL 92mm P&Cs, which will hold up under the extra heat from Convertibles, THINGs, Busses, and Type 3s!

At minimum, you will need dual 1bbl carbs, but optimally you will invest in dual 2bbls (Dual 36 or 40mm DRLAs, or 40 IDFs). Also note that the exhaust system you are going to use will be a determining (limiting) factor in selecting which heads to select!  For example, if you are going to run 1 3/8″ exhaust, you are limited to stock dual port heads, or L3 dual port heads. If you bump up to heads like our Panchitos Cylinder Heads, you can run 1 1/2 or 1 5/8″ exhaust.

With this engine you don’t want to go crazy with the camshaft, since the vehicle is heavier.

During the mock up stage, you’ll have to order cylinder base shims to get the engine’s deck height between .040-.060″; we target .050″, so if you are off +-.010″ it’s not a big deal.

Use this list as a base for making your main component selections; simply change the carbs, heads, and cam, for a wilder or milder engine as you see fit. Feel free to email us for any additional advice or recommendations based on your specific driving goals or requirements!

If there are items on this list that you would like more clarification on, please feel free to contact us (we’ll also update this article)!

Here is our Engine Parts CHECK LIST, which includes all of the smaller pieces needed for a longblock build to help your to make sure you have everything you need to assemble your long block!

Lastly, if there are other engine recipes you would like to see broken down, feel free to e-mail us, and we’ll get right on them!

Engine Bore (mm)
Engine Stroke (mm)
Deck Height (inches - 0.040 recommended)
Head Chamber Volume (CC)
Compression Ratio(Enter "8.5" for 8.5:1 CR)
Number of cylinders
Engine Size / Displacement
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