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Aircooled Volkswagen Engine Identification

VW Engine Letter Codes and Serial Number Information 

Type 1 Engine Information 

Type 1 Vehicle Models: Beetle, Super Beetle, Karmann Ghia, THING

Code                           Year                                                              Engine/Notes
1-                                Pre-Jan., 1956 25hp/36hp                        1- prefix indicates Type 1 and is not part of the sequential engine number.
2, 3, 4                         1955-65                                                         1200cc 30bhp DIN, 36HP SAE (“A” series engine)
5, 6, 7, 8, 9                 1961-65                                                         1200cc 34bhp DIN, 40HP SAE (“VW D” added below serial after 9247364)
D0, D1                       1966-1985                                                      1200cc 34bhp DIN, 40HP SAE For Mexican made 1200s after 1977.
E0                              1966-1970                                                       1300cc 37bhp DIN. Non-USA M240 low compression.
F0, F1, F2                  1966-1970                                                       1300cc 40bhp DIN, 50HP SAE (only 1966 in USA, 66-70 elsewhere)
H0, H1                       1967-1970                                                       1500cc 44bhp DIN, 53HP SAE (only 1967 in USA, 67-70 elsewhere)
H5                              1968-1969                                                       1500cc 44bhp DIN, 53HP SAE M157 USA/Canada.
B6                              1970                                                                 1600cc Dual relief, single port, 47bhp DIN, 57HP SAE M157 USA/Canada.
L0                              1967-1970                                                        1500cc 40bhp DIN. Non-USA M240 low compression.
(NOTE: all the following 1971-up engines are dual relief and dual port)
AB                             1971-1973                                                        1300cc 44bhp DIN, Non-USA.
AC                             1971-72                                                            1300cc 40bhp DIN, Non-USA M240 low octane.
AE                              1971                                                                 1600cc 50bhp DIN, 60HP SAE-gross. USA-only
AE                              1972-1973                                                        1600cc 48bhp DIN, 48HP SAE-net. USA-only (compression ratio reduced)
AF                              1971-1982                                                        1600cc 46bhp DIN, Non-USA M240 low octane.
AH                             1973-1974                                                        1600cc 48bhp DIN, 46HP SAE-net. USA-only
AK                             1973                                                                  1600cc 48bhp DIN, 46HP SAE-net. USA-only
AJ                              1975-1979                                                         1600cc 50bhp DIN, 48HP SAE-net. Fuel Injected.
AR                             1974-1975                                                         1300cc 44bhp DIN. Non-USA.
AS                              1974-1979                                                         1600cc 50bhp DIN. Non-USA.
ACD                           1992-2004                                                         1600cc 46bhp DIN. Mexico. Fuel Injected.


Type 2 Engine Information

Type 2 Vehicle Models: Early Bus, Early Transporter, Single Cab, Double Cab (Doka))

Code                            Year                                                                  Engine/Notes
20-                                Pre-Jan., 1956                                                  25hp/36hp (20- prefix indicates Type 2 and is not part of the sequential engine number)
2, 3, 4                           1955-1960                                                        1200cc, 36hp (includes “Bastard 40hp”)
5, 6, 7, 8, 9                   1961-1965                                                        1200cc, 40hp
O                                  1963-1965                                                        1500cc – no cam bearings
H0                                1966-1967                                                        1500cc
L0                                 1967                                                                 1500cc M240 low compression
B0                                 1968-1970                                                       1600cc non-USA
B5                                 1968-1969                                                       1600cc single relief USA only
B5                                 1970                                                                 1600cc dual relief USA only
C0                                 1968-1970                                                        1600cc 44bhp. Non-USA. M240 low octane.
AD                                1971-1973                                                        1600cc 50bhp DIN. Non-USA.
AE                                 1971                                                                 1600cc 50bhp DIN, 60HP SAE-gross. USA-only
AS                                 1974-1979                                                        1600cc 50bhp DIN. Non-USA
CB                                 1972/1973                                                        1700cc – dual carb., manual transmission
CD                                 1973                                                                 1700cc – dual carb., automatic transmission
AW                                1973/1974                                                        1800cc – dual carb.
AW                                1975                                                                 1800cc – fuel-injected
AP                                 1974/1975                                                        1800cc – European only
ED                                 1975                                                                 1800cc
GD                                 1976/1977                                                        2000cc
CJ                                   1976-1979                                                       2000cc – European only
GE                                  1978/1979                                                       2000cc
CU                                  1980-1983 1/2                                                2000cc – Vanagon style
CV                                  1980-1983                                                      2000cc – Vanagon style


Type 3 Engine Information

Type 3 Vehicle Models: Squareback, Fastback, Notchback

Code                                Year                                                              Engine/Notes
O                                      1961-1965                                                     1500cc
K0                                    1966-1972                                                     1500cc – 54hp
M0                                   1966-1972                                                     1500cc – M240 low compression 52hp
P0                                     1966/1967                                                     1600cc – M240 low compression 50hp
T0                                     1966-1973                                                     1600cc
U0                                    1968-1973                                                      1600cc – fuel injected for USA
U0                                     1970                                                               1600cc – dual-relief case
U5                                     1971-1973                                                      1600cc – 7.7:1 compression – US/Canada M239 California fuel-injection
X                                       1972                                                               1600cc – 7.3:1 compression – California


Type 4 Engine Information

Type 4 Vehicle Models: Late Bus, 411, 412

Code                                 Year                                                               Engine/Notes
V                                       1969                                                               1700cc – 68hp
Z                                       1969/1970                                                       1700cc – 7.8:1 compression – 68hp, dual carb., automatic transmission
W                                      1971                                                                1700cc – 8.2:1 compression – 80hp
EA                                    1972-1974                                                       1700cc
EB                                     1973                                                                1700cc – California only, fuel injection
EC                                     1974                                                                1800cc
AN                                    1974                                                                1800cc – 8.6:1 compression
AT                                     1974                                                                1800cc – European only, dual carb.


Engines from VW of Brazil

GAS-Gasoline / Alcohol-ALC

Code                                 Engine
BA                                    1600-BRASILIA (1976)
BD                                    1600 BEETLE GAS
BG                                    1600 GAS AND KOMBI KOMBI EXP
BJ                                     1300 BEETLE GAS
BK                                    1300 LAC BEETLE BRASILIA
BM                                   1300 LAC GOL
BN                                    BRAZIL GAS 1600
BV                                    1600 GAS VARIANT
BX                                    1600 LAC KOMBI KOMBI EXP
BY                                    1300 GOL GAS
BZ                                     1600 GAS VAN
UF                                     1600 BEETLE GAS
UG                                     1600 GAS VAN
UJ                                      1600 LAC BEETLE
UK                                     1600 LAC VAN
Motors above 90
UFA                                   1600 BEETLE GAS
UJA                                   1600 LAC BEETLE
UGA                                  1600 GAS VAN CARAT


Replacement cases

These were VW engine cases which were sold by VW but were never put into an actual production vehicle. All of these are dual-relief cases with 100mm oil passages. Information from a 5/73 USA service bulletin issued 5/73: Engines with the re-manufactured symbol, a letter, a number and ending with X, indicates a VW Exchange engine. Before Oct., 1968 the X was not stamped onto the block.

From April of 1972 Shortblocks were sold with the VW remanufacture symbol followed by a letter. No numbers were used, you were to stamp in the old engine number.

Code                                    Engine
F1                                        1300/1600
F2                                        1300/1600
DO                                      40hp if last digit is “X”
D1                                       40hp part
AD                                       1600
AK                                       1967-1974 1500/1600
AM                                       1600
AS                                         Sometimes seen listed as Super Beetle case for 1973-onward

Exchange engines

These engines are normally marked with a VW recycle symbol and an X at the end.

Information from a 5/73 USA service bulletin issued 5/73: Engines with the re-manufactured symbol, a letter, a number and ending with X, indicates a VW Exchange engine. Before Oct., 1968 the X was not stamped onto the block.

From April of 1972 Shortblocks were sold with the VW remanufacture symbol followed by a letter. No numbers were used, you were to stamp in the old engine number.

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