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Aircooled VW Forums

A VW Forum is a site where VW enthusiasts share their experiences and knowledge of the hobby with each other online. The community members have varying levels of experience, from newbie (new to the hobby) all the way to the old-timers (both self-taught, and professional). 

Aircooled.Net’s Tech Advisor  (and company owner), John Connolly, has been in the aircooled VW industry and participated in the online VW hobby community since the internet began. He was one of the main contributors to the RAMVA newsgroup back in the days when VW forums weren’t even a thing yet! From the beginning, he has been generous to offer his assistance to aircooled VW enthusiasts.  He has witnessed the rise and fall of a number of online communities dedicated to the discussion of aircooled VWs. Currently he is a respected contributor to the Aircooled VW forums on

TheSamba VW forums are active and well-moderated and can be a useful source of information for you as you enjoy and research the aircooled VW hobby. There are a LOT of posts on TheSamba from a LOT of different community members participating with their VW experiences. But along with a variety of contributors, however, comes a variety of opinions. As a result, you should be careful to keep in mind that just because you read something on the internet, doesn’t make it true! Aircooled.Net provides VW Tech Product and Project Help via email. If you are looking for advice to cut through the noise that you sometimes find in the online aircooled VW Forums, feel free to ask John directly for VW Tech Help.

Some other, less active Aircooled VW forums you might want to check out include: —> Now on FACEBOOK


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