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Aircooled.Net is the VW parts store, online catalog and VW parts acquisition service for people who love their aircooled VWs, and want the truth about the parts they put on their car. We serve the aircooled VW restoration, performance, drag race and daily driver community with quality, honest technical information and earnest sourcing of Aircooled VW parts that work, fit, and last.

Aircooled.Net VW Parts Store Owner, John ConnollyJohn Connolly is the owner and resident VW Tech & Engine Specialist at Aircooled.Net VW Parts. He has a knack for being able to troubleshoot mechanical and engine issues remotely (all of his assistance it delivered by email) and he is a no-nonsense, no-hype type of guy, who will tell it to you straight without any sales pressure. When was the last time a parts store talked you out of buying something or recommended a lower-priced alternative? We do that because we would rather help you to get what you need than waste your VW hobby budget on an item that isn’t necessary or ideal for your stated objectives.  John has combined his over 30 years of experience rebuilding, restoring and drag racing aircooled VWs, with his formal education (B.Sc. Electrical Engineering from UVA), into the service that Aircooled.Net works to provide to its customers. 

Aircooled.Net is a family-owned/operated business located in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you are visiting our VW Tech Article site or VW parts store for the first time, we urge you to read our Customer Service and Order Fulfillment FAQs and Policy Information before placing an order so that you know what to expect from our service. We have served customers from all over the world, most of whom have been happy with our service and the products we provide. Of course, in over 20 years of doing business, there have also been those few folks that we weren’t able to satisfy. If you would like to read some feedback and reports of customer experiences with Aircooled.Net, visit our Company Feedback thread at (be forewarned: is a public forum where people speak their minds and express their feelings freely!!) We also post customer compliments and comments (published with permission) that have been sent us via email on our Facebook page. 

Since we sell the majority of brands and manufacturers that are relevant to aircooled VWs, we don’t have any dealer-motivated bias toward a particular brand, product, or procedure. John is an opinionated stickler for quality and he knows what will and won’t work, and which parts and products are worth your time and hard-earned dollars. Aircooled.Net has been online since 1999, but John’s knowledge and experience with aircooled VW engines, customization and performance has been amassed through wrenching, racing, studying, and rebuilding VWs since the 70s. Aircooled.Net’s detailed product descriptions and no-nonsense tech help are designed to help determine which VW parts are the best value, best quality, and overall best choice for your car. We sleep better at night knowing that we’ve done all we can to recommend you purchase the better quality, longer-lasting, or more reliable version of a product for your car. For the hobbyist a bit strapped for cash, we do sometimes list and sell the “economy” version of a product (also because there are cases where better quality options are no longer available), but we let you know upfront via the “Econo” designation that you are paying less because you are opting for lower quality. By using the VW tech info and following the advice you get from Aircooled.Net, you can opt to build your VW project with components of quality, purchased at a fair price, and backed by years of VW know-how.

Read more about getting VW Tech Help from John and about Aircooled.Net’s sales and business philosophy.

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