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Shop Aircooled.Net when you want the Truth about Aftermarket and OEM VW Parts Quality.

Aircooled.Net has been serving the VW community since 1999 with a different philosophy: Give aircooled VW owners the truth and the details about the quality, performance and fit that they can expect from available OEM and aftermarket VW parts. 30 years of aircooled VW engine and restoration experience, and product knowledge gleaned from trial and error are the foundation of our product recommendations. We screen products from over 100 different suppliers/manufacturers so that you can choose parts that will not need replacement before their time. If Aircooled.Net recommends it, then it’s guaranteed to work well, fit your car, and last a reasonable lifetime!

Other stores carry just about any product that offers a decent profit margin and that sells well, regardless of the fit, quality, or longevity of the product. Since cheaply made products with low prices sell well and often have bigger profit margins, that is what you’ll find featured in many parts catalogs. Yes, these other stores also sell items that are a reasonable, or even good value. But how are you supposed to tell the difference? When shopping online for specialty products, you can’t handle or inspect the merchandise, so it’s common to have no clue which products are really worth the installation time and money, and are worthy of your aircooled VW project.

When you purchase your VW parts from Aircooled.Net, you can have confidence in the parts you are getting, and you can make informed purchasing decisions based on what you want for your car. Even among quality product manufacturers, some items don’t meet our quality standards. Information about product issues can be found throughout our catalog in our detailed product descriptions. So take your time to read and learn as you shop our online catalog — you’ll be a lot wiser for the time spent, and end up with a better project car restoration or customization as a result.

…Excellent Value with Knowledgeable Product Support and Free VW project advice.

Consider this scenario: you just bolted on a shiny, new, chrome mirror, only to find that once you hit 40mph it “folds” flat against your window? And then you discover that regardless how tight you make it, you can’t prevent the “folding” effect? Even if you paid a bargain basement price for this mirror – was it a good deal?

It’s experiences like the above that we strive to eliminate for you by informing you which parts are the best quality, and by refusing to sell the junk that is destroying our hobby.  The profit made on “poor quality” parts is not worth what would happen to our reputation if we sold them. Aircooled.Net prices reflect a product’s true value, which takes into account reasonable and appropriate product fit, durability, and function, as well as the product troubleshooting and installation support that we provide both before and after the sale.

We provide both PRE and POST sale VW product/project technical support by email. Before you buy, we do our best to help you determine the right part for your budget, year, make, model and application (which is harder than it sounds when you consider that aircooled VWs have been around for 30+ years now and were so easily modified by the owners before you!) After you buy parts from us, you can send us your installation questions 24/7 via email, and our VW Tech Help is both knowledgeable and quick to respond. When you order from Aircooled.Net, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll get assistance if you need it.

…Backorder Acquisition Service. We believe good quality is worth waiting for!

Aircooled VWs aren’t getting any younger! The older our beloved cars get, the fewer of them are being restored, maintained, and driven. The law of supply and demand is gradually and inevitably taking its toll: Some of the best quality products have become increasingly difficult to acquire and keep in stock. These “difficult to acquire” out-of-stock products remain in our catalog for those people who understand that good quality products are worth waiting for. When you place an order for an item that has an “unknown ETA” or is only sporadically available, we’ll keep trying to get it for you beyond our normal 2 month acquisition period, if you instruct us to. We provide backorder ‘acquisition service’ until we have exhausted all options for locating the product or finding a worthy aftermarket replacement. Other companies just cancel backorders that aren’t an “easy sell” or that have low profit margins. Their goal is to move inventory that is easy for them to stock and sell, not to help you get your car back together with the best possible VW parts.

If you are wondering about the availability, quality, or applicability of a specific product or part for your VW project, email us, and you’ll get the straight scoop — even if it means we are talking you out of buying something!

…Our 30-Day, Return-It-For-Any-Reason Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

If for any reason you are dissatisfied or unable to use a product purchased from Aircooled.Net, you can return it within 30 days (from date of shipment) and you will either receive an appropriate replacement, or be credited for the full product purchase price. If you have a warranty issue with a product, the notification/return period is 90 days (in some cases, it is longer), and we work together with you and the manufacturer to resolve the matter.

In case you are wondering why we don’t offer a “Lifetime Parts Guarantee” like some others in the VW industry love to toot their horn about — It’s because we refuse to engage in deceptive advertising gimmicks! Their “Lifetime Guarantee” has fine print that defines “lifetime” to mean “reasonable lifetime of the product” — and guess who gets to arbitrarily decide what a reasonable lifetime for your defective item is? Not you! Their fine print gives them the right to refuse any return of a product whose “lifetime” has been exhausted. They can sell you a cheap knock-off product that doesn’t last as long as you had hoped, fit worth a damn, or work as well as you expected, and all they have to say is “Sorry, but that is the normal performance and/or lifetime for that product”.

The very BEST guarantee, and the one we offer, is a Guarantee of your Satisfaction as follows: You will receive precisely the product that is described to you. We endeavor to accurately indicate the fit and quality of the products listed in our catalog, and you have up to 30 days to return any product (unused and in original packaging) if you are not satisfied that it lives up to our description.